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#include <dkim.h>

_Bool dkim_libfeature(
	DKIM_LIB *lib,
        u_int fc
Tests for availability of a specific feature in the library.
Called When dkim_libfeature() can be called at any time after acquiring a library handle from dkim_init().
dkim Library instance handle, returned by dkim_init.
fc A code representing a specific feature of the library. Possible values:
Feature NameDescription
DKIM_FEATURE_DIFFHEADERS Underlying code required to provide the dkim_diffheaders() facility.
DKIM_FEATURE_PARSE_TIME Underlying code required to provide the dkim_get_msgdate() facility.
DKIM_FEATURE_QUERY_CACHE Underlying code required to do local caching of DNS replies (i.e., key records).
DKIM_FEATURE_SHA256 Underlying code required to do SHA256 hashing when signing or verifying.
DKIM_FEATURE_DNSSEC Underlying code required to conduct DNSSEC evaluation of replies.
DKIM_FEATURE_OVERSIGN Capability to "over-sign" header fields to prevent later addition of signed fields.
  • None.

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