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#include <dkim.h>
int dkim_mail_parse_multi(
	char *line,
	char **users_out,
	char **domains_out
Parse an RFC2822 header for a set of users and hostnames. Intended for use on header fields that might contain multiple addresses, such as To: and Cc:.
Called When At any time.
line Input line, not including the name of the header.
users_out Pointer to a variable of type (unsigned char **) that will be set to point to an array of "local-part"s (user ID) found in the input.
domains_out Pointer to a variable of type (unsigned char **) which will be set to point to an array of domains found in the input.
RETURN VALUE 0 on success, other on failure. The failure codes are internal to the library for now.
  • line is modified.
  • The arrays returned will be of the same size and entries are correspondent, so the first element from each refer to the first address found, etc.
  • The caller is responsible for deallocating the returned arrays once they are no longer needed.
  • This function is not part of the DKIM specification. It is provided as a facility to implementors to reduce code duplication.

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