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#include <dkim.h>
DKIM_STAT dkim_privkey_load(
	DKIM *dkim
Attempt to load and prepare a private key for signing.
Called When dkim_privkey_load() is called after dkim_sign() is called to create a message signing handle. It attemps to parse the key provided as an argument to that function and extract some parameters of it. This same operation will be done implicitly by dkim_eom() if not called explicitly beforehand.
dkim Message-specific handle, returned by dkim_sign().
  • DKIM_STAT_OK indicates the key was successfully parsed and loaded by the crypto library.
  • DKIM_STAT_NORESOURCE indicates the key could not be parsed.
  • This library relies on a cryptography library to compute hashes and sign or verify them. It has been observed that different libraries have different levels of strictness about parsing keys provided to them. This is property is not under control of this library; this library merely responds to error codes that might be passed up from the crypto library.

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