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#include <dkim.h>
DKIM *dkim_verify(
	DKIM_LIB *libhandle,
	const char *id,
	void *memclosure,
	DKIM_STAT *statp
Create a new handle for verifying a (possibly) signed message.
Called When dkim_verify() is called when preparing to process a new message that may be signed already in order to be able to verify its contents against the signature.
libhandle DKIM library instance handle, returned by an earlier call to dkim_init().
id An opaque, printable string for identifying this message, suitable for use in logging or debug output.
memclosure Opaque memory closure, passed directly to the caller-provided malloc() and/or free() replacement functions.
statp Pointer to a DKIM_STAT object which receives the completion status of this operation.
  • The handle returned by this function may not be used in a later call to dkim_getsighdr().
  • On success, a pointer to the created DKIM handle is returned.
  • On failure, NULL is returned and the value of statp is updated to indicate the cause of the problem.

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