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#include <dkim.h>
DKIM_STAT dkim_eoh(
	DKIM *dkim
Denote end-of-headers for a message.
Called When dkim_eoh() is called when the delimiter between the message's headers and its body is encountered.
dkim Message-specific handle, returned by dkim_sign() or dkim_verify()
  • This function may return DKIM_STAT_NOSIG when verifying if no signature was present in the message headers. This is simply advisory; you must continue executing down to the dkim_eom() call to determine whether or not a signature should have been present.
  • This function can return DKIM_STAT_SYNTAX when verifying if a header that must be signed was not included in a received signature, or if the message appeared to contain no sender header field. In the latter case, the dkim handle is rendered unusable by future calls to dkim_body() or dkim_eom().
  • This function can return DKIM_STAT_CANTVRFY when verifying if all discovered signatures were either marked to be ignored, contained syntax errors, or failed verification attempts. This is only tested if the DKIM_LIBFLAG_EOHCHECK library flag is set.
  • This function can return DKIM_STAT_SYNTAX in either mode if the input message does not conform to the header field count checks imposed by the DKIM_LIBFLAG_STRICTHDRS library flag.
  • This function can return DKIM_STAT_NORESOURCE for a verifying handle if an attempt to construct a DNS query based on the selector and domain in a signature exceeded the maximum allowable query size.

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