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#include <dkim.h>
DKIM_STAT dkim_ohdrs(
	DKIM *dkim,
        unsigned char **ptrs, int *pcnt)
Retrieve the original header set from the "z=" tag in a received signature if present.
Called When dkim_ohdrs() is called after dkim_eom() to get the original header set included in a signature on a message, if present, for diagnostic purposes. The original headers can be compared to the received headers to detect modifications in transit which prevented successful verification of the message.
dkim Message-specific handle, returned by dkim_verify.
sig Signature handle from which the original headers should be extracted.
ptrs A pointer to a an array of (char *) pointers which will be updated to point to the original headers.
pcnt On input, this is used as the count of available pointers in the ptrs array. When returned, this value indicates the number of headers available. If it is higher on return than it was when called, then there were more headers than there were pointers provided.
DKIM_STAT_INVALID The function was called before dkim_eom, or with a handle that was not opened for verification.
DKIM_STAT_INVALID The value contained in the "z=" tag contained corruption.
DKIM_STAT_NORESOURCE A memory allocation operation failed.
DKIM_STAT_OK Successful completion.
  • If there was no "z=" tag present, the value referenced by pcnt will be set to zero.

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