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#include <dkim.h>
DKIM_STAT dkim_set_key_lookup(
	DKIM_LIB *libopendkim,
        DKIM_CBSTAT (*func) (DKIM *dkim,
                             DKIM_SIGINFO *siginfo,
	                     unsigned char *buf,
	                     size_t buflen));
Defines a function which should do key lookups rather than implementing the DKIM specification (e.g., a DNS lookup). The query method specified in the signature will be ignored.
Called When dkim_set_key_lookup() can be called at any time.
libopendkim Library-specific instance handle, returned by dkim_init().
func A pointer to a function which the library should use in place of its own code to do key lookups. The function will receive four things: A DKIM handle referencing the job being processed, a pointer to a DKIM_SIGINFO handle identifying the signature whose public key should be retrieved, a pointer to a buffer that should receive the result of the key lookup, and the number of bytes available there. The function should return an appropriate DKIM_CBSTAT return code after loading the buffer with its lookup result (if any). If func is NULL, the internal key lookup implementation, which will do what the signature requests, will be used.
  • DKIM_STAT_OK -- success
  • The callback should place into the provided buffer a NULL-terminated string formatted as a legal DKIM key record according to RFC6376 Section 3.6.1.

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