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#include <dkim.h>
DKIM_STAT dkim_set_user_context(
	DKIM *dkim,
        void *ctx);
Specifies an opaque user context pointer to be passed to the DNS callback set by dkim_set_dns_callback(), if any.
Called When dkim_set_user_context() can be called at any time prior to DNS operations while verifying.
dkim Message-specific signing handle, returned by dkim_sign() or dkim_verify(). Note that since DNS operations only take place while verifying, this is really only meaningful in the latter case.
ctx A pointer to a user-generated context handle referencing data specific to the message being signed or verified by the handle provided above.
  • DKIM_STAT_OK -- success
  • The context pointer, if set, will be passed as-is to the DNS callback, if any. It can also be retrieved by the caller at any time using the dkim_get_user_context() function.

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