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#include <dkim.h>

DKIM_STAT dkim_sig_getsignedhdrs(
        unsigned char *hdrs,
	size_t hdrlen,
        unsigned int *nhdrs
Retrieve from a DKIM and signature handle the set of header fields that were included in the hashes of a valid signature.
Called When dkim_sig_getsignedhdrs() can be called at any time after signature validation is completed via a call to dkim_eom() using a DKIM handle that was created by dkim_verify(). Only a signature that fully validated is acceptable.
dkim A message validation handle previously created using dkim_verify().
sig Signature-specific handle.
hdrs An array of fixed-length character strings that should be filled by header fields that were included in this signature's header hash.
hdrlen The number of bytes available in each element of the hdrs array.
nhdrs This should contain a pointer to the number of elements available in the hdrs array. It will be updated to contain the number of header fields that were included in the signature. If insufficient array elements were available, the array will not be updated (but this value will) and an error code is returned. If temporary memory could not be acquired, this value will be set to zero and an error will be returned.
DKIM_STAT_INTERNAL An internal error occurred.
DKIM_STAT_NORESOURCE The hdrs array was too small to contain the result, or not enough temporary memory could be allocated. If on return from this function nhdrs contains 0, the latter occurred; otherwise, nhdrs will be updated to contain the size of the array needed to get all the data out.
  • None.

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