DKIM-Related Services

This page highlights some add-on services that can be used with OpenDKIM after message authentication to evaluate the quality of the message or the domain that added the signature(s).

The Trusted Domain Project does not specifically endorse use of any of these by listing them here; we are simply making users aware of their existence.

Service Name Service Provider Service Description
TrustCloud TrustSphere

TrustCloud offers the industry's most comprehensive list of good sending domains. Uniquely, TrustCloud also has deep coverage of domains across the Asia-Pacific region, a region which to date has remained largely ignored. TrustCloud can be integrated directly into OpenDKIM by way of a Lua script that queries the TrustCloud domain+ip list allowing a reputation metric to be overlaid on the authentication data offered by OpenDKIM.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs), enterprises and governments can use TrustCloud to improve customer satisfaction and reduce total cost of operations of their email infrastructure. It removes the hassle of having to investigate false positive support calls and helps them provide a higher quality of service to their users by improving effectiveness of email filtering. It does so by virtually eliminating false positives.