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#include <dkim.h>
void dkim_dns_set_query_waitreply(
	DKIM_LIB *libopendkim,
        int (*func)(void *, void *, struct timeval *,
                             size_t *, int *, int *)

Declares the function to be used by a libopendkim instance when it needs to wait on a DNS query already in progress. By default, a stub function that merely extracts the reply length nothing is set, since the standard UNIX resolver library is not asynchronous so the answer is already available.

The function will be passed the following arguments:

  1. An opaque DNS service handle as previously specified by a call to dkim_dns_set_query_service()
  2. A handle for a previously initiated DNS query as returned by the function provided by dkim_dns_set_query_start()
  3. A pointer to a structure stipulating a timeout, whose semantics are the same as those for select(2)
  4. A pointer to a size_t that will receive the length of the reply
  5. A pointer to an int that will receive an error code, if any
  6. A pointer to an int that will receive a DKIM_DNSSEC constant describing the security of the reply
The function is expected to return one of the following:
  • DKIM_DNS_SUCCESS -- a reply is available
  • DKIM_DNS_EXPIRED -- the query expired (artifact of libar)
  • DKIM_DNS_ERROR -- an I/O error occurred
  • DKIM_DNS_NOREPLY -- the specified timeout expired before a reply was received
Called When dkim_dns_set_query_waitreply() can be called at any time, but is presumably most useful prior to doing any DNS operations such as are done during dkim_eoh() when verifying.
libopendkim The library instantiation handle, returned by dkim_init().
func A pointer to a function that should be used to wait on active DNS queries.
  • None.

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