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#include <dkim.h>

DKIM_STAT dkim_getsiglist(
	DKIM *dkim,
	DKIM_SIGINFO ***sigs,
	int *nsigs
Retrieve the array of DKIM_SIGINFO handles associated with a message.
Called When dkim_getsiglist() can be called at any time after dkim_eoh() has been called.
dkim Message-specific handle, returned by dkim_sign or dkim_verify.
sigs A pointer to an array of DKIM_SIGINFO handles representing all of the signatures present on the message being handled (updated).
nsigs A pointer to an integer which will be updated to contain the number of signatures on the message being handled (and thus, the size of the array referenced by sigs).
DKIM_STAT_INVALID No siglist message has been stored for this handle. This usually means dkim_eoh() has not yet been called.
DKIM_STAT_OK The pointer to the signature array and the count have been returned in the provided locations.
  • The array returned is allocated and maintained by the library, and must not be deallocated by the caller.
  • Initially, the array's order mirrors the order of signature fields found in the message being verified. The caller is free to rearrange this order. This same array is passed to all of the callbacks, so reordering done in one will be visible to the others.

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