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#include <dkim.h>
unsigned char *dkim_sig_gettagvalue(
        _Bool keytag,
        char *tag
Retrieve the raw value of a signature or key tag.
Called When dkim_sig_gettagvalue() is called after dkim_eoh() when dkim is a verifying handle, i.e. one returned by an earlier call to dkim_verify().
sig Signature-specific handle, returned by dkim_getsiglist. May not be NULL.
keytag If TRUE, indicates that the tag of interest can be found in the key record associated with the signature. If FALSE, the tag of interest is expected to be within the signature itself.
tag A pointer to a string containing the name of the tag of interest. May not be NULL.
  • The data thus returned has not necessarily been processed for validity or safety. Exercise caution.
  • This interface was added to support the collection of statistics about DKIM use, and is not intended for general use by applications.

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